Here for you now. Here for you always

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Built for the life of the building.
And then some.

Through the wall returns should last the life of the building. Kingsley thruWall™ Systems do. After all, we’ve been making them for decades without a reported failure. Ever.

We’ve pushed every limit, considered every detail, to provide you with a truly trouble-free, long lasting, and highly secure through wall system.

All Kingsley® thruWall™ Systems are complete. An external stainless steel face plate, locking mechanism, wording and the internal chute assembly. Truly, it is a system. We offer everything from totally manual systems, to those with electronic locking, electronic fire flash-back prevention, and lighted signs. We do through wall systems right. Always have.

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Your need.

Their convenience.

It’s all in how you communicate it.

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  • image descriptionBill Payment
  • image descriptionNight Drop
  • image descriptionExpired
  • image descriptionRent Drop
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Use your imagination.
Our universal product designs offer a multitude of applications.
We offer standard and custom wording to allow you to say what need.

Simplicity of function is paramount for use.

Walk up. Insert the materials. Walk away. That was our concept in developing kwikDrop™. There’s no door to pull down and possibly slam closed on fingers. There’s no need to put down bags or let go of children’s hands. Just insert and go. And, we’ve added drive up models, too. kwikDrop’s internal security and weather deterrent design do the hard work. You simply collect the rewards.

Kingsley One-handed Book Drop

Weather stays outside where it belongs.

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airBloc™ helps to prevent outside air from entering the building when the depository door is opened. Materials slide through, but the bulk of the air is contained. We believe that weather is an outdoor thing.

An added bonus of airBloc™ is that it slows the speed of decent of heavy items into the collection bin. Slower speed equates to less damage.

through wall book drop lock

Model #10-8800 lock shown. Lock type vary by model.

Locks from inside the building.

All thruWall™ System exterior depository doors lock from inside the building. You stay dry, safe, and comfortable. As you should.

Security was our first thought. Not an afterthought.

kingsley secure

To get stuff from outside your building to the inside requires a hole. Not very secure. Unless you design a depository that takes a hole and adds a secure face plate on the outside, liquid diversion systems, angles that make reaching inside virtually impossible, secure locking systems, and much more. With absolutely no sharp edges inside or out and without a door to slam closed on fingers, Kingsley thruWall Systems are secure against injury. And with our anti-phishing features, your collection is secure against being removed once deposited.

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Totally rust free

Stainless steel exterior face plate is coupled to an all aluminum interior assembly. Nothing to rust. Ever

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Recycled Materials

The stainless face plate is 90% recycled materials and the interior aluminum components are 85% recycled materials.

Summary of features:

  • Stainless steel exterior face plates
  • Clear anti-graffiti exterior coating
  • Non rusting aluminum interior assemblies
  • Non stick chutes
  • Warranted for the life of your building
  • Rusting
  • Structural failure View Warranty Here
  • kwikDrop™ Depositories
  • Various depository openings to your need
  • Locking from inside the building
  • Anti-phishing security on all models
  • Exterior models totally weather sealed
  • All thruWall™ Systems are compatible with all Kingsley Transport Bins