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DuraWood™ Indoor

Library Book & Media Returns

Indoor DuraWood Book Return

Design and Durability.
       Taken right to the edge.

DuraWood™ Indoor Library Book Drops and Returns are constructed of 3/4" thick, CARB certified, domestic plywood with beautifully stained Oak Veneer. With chipGuard™, a metal-framed depository opening to protect against chipping and cracking. Guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Beautful Indoor DuraWood Book Return
Beautful Indoor DuraWood Book Return


DuraWood™ is made to fit your needs.

The hood has been designed to be easily rotated** to position the access door on any side making it easy to adapt to any interior design layout. Available in three (3) different "Flake & Peel Free" finishes. Choose from Light Maple, Medium Cherry or Dark Mahogany finish with your choice of "BOOKS" or "MEDIA" wording for all but the "Dog House" which comes standard in yellow and red with "books" wording as pictured. EasyRoller unit comes with both vinyl decals. Download the Decal Application Instructions.
( ** Not available on "Dog House" or EasyRoller™ )

Compare DuraWood™ & Buy:


"Dog House"

Fire Engine Red
& Sunshine Yellow

29.5" x 29.5" x 35"

Model# 40-4944






Up to 290 Books
or 725 Media

25" x 25" x 39"

3 Colors Available

Model# 40-4000



40 Series


Kingsley Indoor 40 DuraWood Book Return

Up to 300 Books
or 750 Media

31.5" x 31.5" x 44.25"

3 Colors Available

Model# 40-4140



50 Series


Kingsley Indoor 50 DuraWood Book Return

Up to 380 Books
or 950 Media

32.5" x 32.5" x 50.65"

3 Colors Available

Model# 40-4150



60 Series


Kingsley Indoor 60 DuraWood Book Return

Up to 409 Books
or 1023 Media

39.5" x 39.5" x 51.25"

3 Colors Available

Model# 40-4160



60 dualDrop™


Kingsley Indoor dualDrop Book Return

Up to 380 Books
AND 950 Media

39.5" x 39.5" x 51.25"

Two (2) Depositories

3 Colors Available

Model# 40-4860


Beautful Indoor DuraWood Book Return

Number 1

Reason to choose Kingsley

Kingsley® has been around for over 55 Years. We invented the first library book return a long, long time ago. We perfected it. No one has equaled it. The DuraWood™ Indoor Return Series is beautifully designed and engineered to Kingsley's exacting standards offering unparalleled functionality.

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